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Originally posted by LordSpawn
somone compile a list of every 5900 FX out there. then we can create a poll and mark the one we have if we had problems. That seems time consuming and somewhat pointless but i know somone out there is really bored.
A lot of us here threw that idea around back a month or more ago when this all started rearing its head. However, we'd need more than just a list of cards with a yes/no mark by them. We'd really need to have a lot more information such as motherboard brand/chipset/model/etc...power supply info...all other components in system...etc in order for it to be a useful poll. Making it a public poll would also be tough because not everyone would even know how to answer many of the poll questions.

My hope is that NVIDIA has been doing something like this internally (which would obviously be time consuming).

Anyway, I know you're just joking but I agree that someone probably will come up with something given enough *free time*. I bet it would help to shed some light on things though even if it wasn't all-inclusive.
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