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Thank you for being somewhat more diplomatic about it than AshG. Frankly his "RTFM OR DIE" mentality is an annoyance. As for the owner of the site, I can't speak for them. If they want their patrons insulted, and opinions stiffled, that's up to them. And certainly you can't be blamed for doing the job you've been given. But in the same spirit that the general forum should be renamed "Water Cooler", the word moderator should be changed to something a little more appropriate as well. The word I'm thinking of is too easily mistaken for other, historicaly infamous meanings (despite it's actual meaning), so I'll refrain from using the word.

Your efforts to defend your own are admirabe. But I ask you, should a moderator have to appologize for something like that? Is not a mod someone who is supposed to be professional enough to avoid such situations? A missunderstanding every once in a while is one thing, but as I understand Saturn has a long history (roughly two years) of bashing people who even mention 3dMark. Maybe your rules (or rather the ones you're given) are a bit more strict than other's. If this keeps the board cleaner, then ok. But to repeatedly bash people for something as simple as their choice in benchmarking software, is simply uncalled for. Is it so hard to simply not comment on those threads, rather than seek them out and flame?
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