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Default Dual monitor makes CRT look bad...

Hello all,

Looking for a little help or advice please...

Have a Visiontek Ti4600 and am now running a SONY LCD 18.1 and a KDS Avitron 19".

The KDS always looked simply awesome until I hooked it up as my second monitor with the LCD as my primary using the DVI output of the GeForce4.

The KDS looks terribly fuzzy now. ClearType is turned off and I've tried everything I can think of to fix it...nothing changes the KDS much at all. I run the KDS at 1024x768 at 32 bit with a refresh of 120Hz. Looks terrible, can't keep it like this.

Any help would be great, thanks a lot.

lothodon (new member now, but this is a new account, I've been here before).
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