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Originally posted by Flavius
Maybe. You don't know that for a fact. What we DO know is that that the SE chips will be the first to be manufactured by IBM, using a more advanced and streamlined process than before. If anything, they are likely to be faster, not slower. I think the actual value will be that they will cost less to produce, based on Nvidia's shareholder statements yesterday. Nvidia might pass on the savings to the customer. However, that doesn't automatically mean they'll be clocked lower. We'll have to see. We know the SE chips will be made using the IBM process and will appear this fall because 1) Nvidia said the first IBM-made chips will appear in new cards released this fall, and that chips at IBM are already in production and 2) Nvidia said the NV40 won't appear until next spring. Now, with the R360 and higher clocked ATI cards likely coming out BEFORE next spring, I SINCERELY dount Nvidia will not increase or improve the performance of the 5900 Ultra hardware until next spring when the NV40 comes out. I am willing to bet we'll see a faster 5900 chip before NV40 comes out next year.
I was NOT speculating. I DO know that the core clock will be 400 instead of 450. Memory clock will be 700 instead of 850 with timings of 2.8ns instead of 2.2ns. Plus they will be built on cheaper pcb. These numbers are for the 5900 SE card.

So YES it IS clocked lower and will be a lower performing card than the Ultra aimed at the value crowd. This is a FACT!
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