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Default Re: 188.16 - Memory leak and gaphical "corruption"

Originally Posted by Plagman View Post
What makes you think plasma is eating 1.3 gigs of pixmap cache? Can you post the relevant command output/system monitor screenshot?

The second issue sounds like the general race condition problem between OpenGL and DAMAGE events. Do you still see any "corruption" if you totally disable desktop effects?
output from xrestop and top last night:
1c00000 31 1 0 1611 1389 1265573K 33K 1265606K 29771 Qt-subapplication
29771 moose 20 0 533m 275m 34m S 1 6.8 95:07.35 plasma

I can try and see if I get any of the strange drawing without desktop effects.. But It seems to me as if its a leak rather than just a race, as it gets steadily worse overtime as more and more memory is consumed by X. Eventually leading to even small windows not updating, and even lead to apps crashing when they attempt to show a new window, no matter how small.
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