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Default Re: 188.16 - Memory leak and gaphical "corruption"

Originally Posted by Tomasu View Post
Ok, so some news, after running with a fresh svn checkout of kde 4.2, and (for
sure this time) the 180.16 drivers, plasma is up to 105MB of pixmaps. Its
slightly strange too, it only started increasing after I stopped playing with
things trying to get it to allocate more memory.

I've just did a little silly test of recording X memory use in various stages of X and kde restart

              Virt  Res   Shr
Full Dekstop: 629M  318M  9336
Loged out:    201M  131M  7728
X Restarted:  123M  54M   7504
Full Desktop: 496M  195M  7856
Clearly it looks like X isn't freeing some of the ram, though most of it is gone.

I'll be testing with the open source nv driver next to see if it also shows leaks, and if they are as bad, well its most likely plasma's fault.
So far with the nv driver, X uses considerably more memory on startup than it does with the nvidia driver.

nvidia: 123M 54M 7504 (yes I cloned those numbers from above)
nv: 740M 463M 6340

But I haven't seen any leak from plasma after letting it sit for an hour or two, while I did see a leak with the nvidia driver. I forgot however to check if X's own memory usage increased or not. So I'm trying again.

Interesting note, I tried to restart X while the nv driver is loaded, and X wouldn't quit short of a saK command in a VT, and even then my consoles were messed up and no foreground colors were visible, so I had to reboot.

Now I'm going to let it sit for an hour (again) or so and see if memory usage increases much like it did with the nvidia driver (in plasma or X).
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