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Default Re: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Previews/Reviews!!

Those highest playable settings reviews are BS. Everyone will have their own personal preference as to how they want to play. For myself I had a 30'' monitor but did not like the fact that even with the latest and greatest hardware you could not really enjoy the most graphically demanding games the way they should and LCD scaling interpolation is crap. Thus I sold it and got a 27''.

I find the benefit of 8x AA to be very marginal, and I would much rather have a less choppy gameplay experience. Maybe if I had an insanely high dot pitch like in the old CRT days I would appreciate 8x more like I used to, but I find you have to look way to closely to see the minor differences now. The only modes that I really notice a huge difference over 4x are true supersampling modes which help greatly by reducing shader aliasing. Everyone has their own threshold as to what they deem smooth.

I don't need a review to pick and choose settings for me to skew things the way they like. I prefer charts and then I find the settings that I play at.

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That's because some settings suit one card better than the other. HardOCP eliminates this by using the highest playable settings of each game on each card. This way you get a much more realistic picture of what kind of a gaming experience you'll get with each card.
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