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Default SCORE!


very simple indeed, and noone came here or at TR to forward me in that direction

but nothing else than radeon's problem with 32 bit color in OGL

Well yesterday first of all I installed latest via 4 in 1 than cats 3.7

than cleaned the registry ...

and run the demo and still the same problem

however reading the Cats 3.7 thread someone mentioned 32 bit color problem has not been sorted, and than I just put the color setting @ default (as I was maxing everything out before including this setting and put it @32 bit... )... and now the first run is just a little bit slower - meaning 49.5 FPS with the second run being still ~52 - 54 FPS but this is now negligible as in the demo the biggest dip I see is the counter in 30's on few ocassions and that's it... I guess it's how it should be... OK so this is one problem sorted

I just wish that I could figure out this overheating problem that I have as the chip looks to be rather good... OC' in for 150 mhz puts the temp up for 1-2 C only... however the overal temp being as high as it is there is no point in really running the system any faster ...

ah well.... at least it works...
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