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Default Re: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Previews/Reviews!!

This is one of those cases where Hardocp's test methodology can be useful. Just looking at minimums without knowing where they occur is just as pointless as not looking at them. If these minimum framerates are occuring at the very start point where the game is loading. Then they arent really relevant. If they are occuring consistently throughout gameplay. Thats a different story.
When looking at my cards. I have noted that the lows start out low when the scene just loads. Then goes away entirely in fallout 3 and Crysis for me.
We see.

Do you think there will be a patch to run Gtx 295 SLi on exisiting Crossfire motherboards (Rampage Formula) as most people have crossfire boards but will be put off Quad SLi due to changing there motherboards.


Will we see Overclocked Versions on Release like the 280 Gtc OC versions?

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