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Default Re: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Previews/Reviews!!

Originally Posted by conantheogar2 View Post
I have never owned a multi Gpu Card can you let us know the Pros & Cons of your GX2?

So I went from 8800GTX to 9800GX2 to 4870X2 to GTX260 core 216.

Pros and cons after suffering through the 9800GX2:

- Benchmarks show high framerates
- You get SLI and only need one slot
- Was cheaper at the time than buying two individual cards and doing SLI

- Microstutter - framerates may be high but not consistent
- Driver problems often forced me to disable one core to get games to run properly
- Can take some time to get a new driver that properly supports your game

I will note that these pros/cons are mainly pros/cons of SLI in general...

I will say that I also tried out a 4870X2 and was generally impressed, but even then I had some driver issues with ATI that I don't have on a single core nVidia card.

So for me, just give me a good performing, reasonably priced single core solution from now on and I'm happy. The GTX 260 core 216 is an amazing product as was my 8800GTX before it...
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