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Default Sidux - Type1 not loaded


I have a problem using the nvidia driver on my sidux computer. The card Geforce 4 440 Go did work with the kernel before playing around with framebuffer images in TTY (fbi), but started making problems afterwards. With the kernel, everything works but the nvidia-driver.

I tried both, the actual driver 96.43.07 and the beta-driver -09, which give the same result. The screen is completely black. It does not even say that it is not working, it's just blank and black.
The last time I logged in, I also was able to hear the "Welcome"-sound, which is strange, because I had no chance to log in...?!?

What I did:
I started the xserver ("startx -- -logverbose 6") on TTY1, ran on TTY2 and after completition, killed the xserver again using ^c.

I think the problem is related to the what I wrote in the title: this is the only error I find in the Xorg.0.log.
Maybe also of interest: The first problems with the xserver appeared, after using framebuffer grafics like fbi. But I have no idea why this should have an influence on the xserver.

Btw, the community "nv"-driver works.

p.s. the logfile was too big, I split it.
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