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Default Re: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Previews/Reviews!!

Originally Posted by 911medic View Post
You sure it's a memory bandwidth issue? According to the Tech Report, this card has more bandwidth than a 4870x2: 256.0 vs. 230.4 GB/s.

I am just struggling to see why a 280 Gtx Owner should get one, especially when for Titles that don't support SLi mode, One will get performance Loss over a single 280Gtx even in a quad Gtx295 setup.

A 280gtx owner will be better off getting another 280 and go SLi?

As 2x280Gtx@170GB/s each with 1 GB RAM= SLi 280Gtx 340GB/s 2GB RAM

Which technically is way Faster that Gtx 295, Also will be cheaper option to go SLi.

And there will be no performance loss for non supported SLi Titles.

Whats your conclusion?

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