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Did that, didn't help. The CRT actually looks like ClearType is enabled, but it isn't. If I enable it, it looks even worse, but then the LCD looks worse too.

The whole point of this purchase was to run dual monitors. The viewable is exactly the same on both, and the picture quality should have been close had the CRT retained it's original clarity.

When I put the two monitors next to each other, the clarity of the LCD makes the CRT look even worse than it truly is, so that's not helping things either. I dropped the resolution of the CRT to 1024x768 and it still looks fuzzy.

Can't figure this one out. Could it possibly be a problem with Nview 2.0 in the Beta 40.41 drivers? I'm a little hesitant to downgrade drivers due to the speed increase I get with the 40.41's. I suppose I'll try to go to the latest non Beta's and report any changes.
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