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Default Re: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Previews/Reviews!!

Some games have automatic saves which will give you dips like seen in graphs above, in any case something like that on a graph should be explained one way or another. What concerns me is the 8xAA tests, where on a few games the GTX 295 just chokes. Hopefully it is just a driver problem, otherwise why even bother going quad SLI with two cards for high resolution gaming and 8xAA. I see a difference in 4x to 8x aa but for me it just isn't some kind of god rays of improvement in IQ.

Something more important is smooth consistent game play. Not something that gets an average of 100FPs but has low spikes of less then 20 FPS perdiocally. Hell, a consistent 30 FPS card to me would be better then that. I am just not to keen on dual GPU's, at least yet. Maybe next generation when memory and rendering is shared between the two or more GPU's.
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