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Originally Posted by methimpikehoses View Post
I've been thinking about trying to lap my quad and my tuniq. The tuniq has always been a bit concave, and I bet I could get better temps If I lapped it. Any good guides out there?
Here is a pretty straight forward guide.

Really it doesn't take a lot of fancy things to do it, the biggest thing is the time and effort. I've seen several methods of how to sand the cpu, which I mainly did figure 8's and then finished off with some back and forth motions, turning the cpu 90 degrees after a few passes.

The main thing is make sure you have a clean flat surface, preferably glass because it is one of the most flat things you have. I got some of my sand paper at our local hardware store, and some of the other at the automotive store. I'd probably suggest using 3 or 4 different grits like 150 or 200, 400 or 600, 1000, 1500. If you really want it to shine then you could use 2500.

jAkUp has a pretty good picture of what he used to lap his i7. He used a marble counter top and it came out better than mine IMO. I didn't go quite as far with all of the paper, but the end result still came out pretty good.

I also loosely followed these guides.
I'm not overly crazy about wetting down the sandpaper and using soap on my processor, so I just left it dry.

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Good job Bman!!!! Nice temps.
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