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lemme see if I can find you a pencil mod. I've looked at it before but this was the first time I decided to do it. The 780i board is ridiculously easy. It's literally take a pencil, find one resistor that's near the CPU_fan plug and draw on it for 5 seconds. My voltage was dropping from like 1.42V to 1.372V without the mod. With it it's more like 1.414V under load.

If that's not the exact same revision I might be able to find another link.

There is one on here is might also work. Sounds like that first one might make it worse not better.

EDIT: Yea it sounds like the 2nd one works, and the first might not work well. Did some more reading on XS and it sounds like a pencil won't be able to do the trick, you need either a conductive pen or solder.

I probably wouldn't worry about it then.
I think you are looking for rear window defroster repair kits. I think it's a Permatex brand. Usually at any auto parts store. Google around your favorite enthusiasts forums, I bet you see it mentioned.

Nice job on the lapping btw. I need to quit being lazy and get my Ultima 90 done.
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