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Default Re: DX10 stutter on my new GTX260 DX9 works fine

im turning everything down to min and it makes no/VERY little difference. If im n DX10 mode it just stutters along. DX9 (as would be expected) goes 9million FPS at full whack!

Im using on-board sound. So, thanks to you suggestion im going to try and disable it and see if that helps. will also try updating the sound drivers and see if that helps.

Didn't realise sound cards sound could conflict with a GPU. It would explain a lot though.

i was thinking that my PC was still using DX9 to render in DX10 stuff, im not even sure if that's possible, it would also explain a lot though.

a suggestion has been made that i uninstall the Nvidia drivers and all associated software (basically go back to on-board graphics) update the chipset then reinstall the GPU, drivers then DX. I will be trying that to.

If there is anything else anyone could think of that would be great.

thanks for you help grey_1
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