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Default Re: Yet another GTX280 PSU question

I have a 280 GTX coming for Christmas, but I 'examined' it before the wife wrapped it, and it comes with a 2 x molex to 8-pin connector. So if I'm right, you should be able to use a 6-pin directly from the PSU and 2 standard molex connectors and the adapter for a single card.

The the only thing that matters, I guess, is that I would expect the molex connectors would need to be on different loops of the PSU in order to get the required power. i.e. if you have a single 150w loop from the PSU with 4 molex connectors on it, that loop can only supply a maximum of 150w! You would need to use 2 separate 150w loops from the PSU to get 300w.
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