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Yeah, sorry for coming across like I have stick shoved up my arse.

When in doubt about a situation, rules and regulations are the only clear discourse of action that can be taken. It sucks, I know, but they're there for a reason.

As for the benchmarking thread Saturn closed, looking back at it I can see why. Is there a reason to call someone "asshopper"? I really don't think so, at least not outside of Open Forum.

As for yourself, Mr. DuneGuy (since I don't feel like slaughtering the spelling of your name)...

Quote: You, my friend, have what we call an inferiority complex. You see someone with the ability to prove you wrong with a simple statement, and suddenly the whole world is against you. Do us all a favor and get off your soap box, put the pipe down, grab a beer, and just relax for a change. Just because you don't have the cognitive capacity to get the upmost performance out of your machine, doesn't mean that the rest of us are cheating for understanding and embracing such a daunting concept as overclocking. Get a grip man. If I can break 10k with a Radeon 8500, and your only getting 11.7 with a 9700, there's something seriously wrong with either you or your rig (or both).

That sounds so like me it's just scary. Granted, personal jabs aren't really that cool outside of OF, bu you were right to a point. But Saturn closed the thread to prevent any more of that type of discourse, and I have to say I agreed. It was becoming very unbecoming of the forums.

*sigh* Yeah, for some reason most of the mods are uptight right now. Well, uptight over here... But that's another story for another time. Will we cool off? I don't know. But for those people who DO know me, I've really calmed down over the past year. Since I was "Mod"ified, I've moved, deleted, and edited more posts than any other mod at this site most likely. I've given up on that and just let things run their course until they reach the boundaries now. No more heartburn that way =)

Again, sorry for the stock "read the rules" thingamabob. It's an automatic security thing when Idon't have time to completely analyze a situation. What would you expect from a middle school teacher with three generations of police leading up to him? =P
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