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Default Re: what are the trade-offs of the opengl driver?

Originally Posted by jeisom View Post
That is a OpenGL 3.0 driver. Most stuff out there will work just fine with the reqular driver. It is mostly there for developers wishing to use OpenGL 3.0.

Again, does it _omit_ things in the non opengl drivers? ie. why wouldn't I use it? Can it only help, or can it somehow hurt?

Also its not marked as being beta/stable.

Just trying to understand why its there and since it is there, it presents me with a choice, and I have no information about why I would or would not try to use it, and what to expect if I did.

(in particular, and operating in great ignorance of how different apps do their graphics, given the lousy Flash performance I have on my 8200, I wondered if it could offer me any help there)

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