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No dilema:

CRONOUS is the best MMORPG that I ever played, and I played alot.

I use to be member in global Cronous but since I discovered Aeriagames, I`m delighted. Community is great, user friendly. GM`s and GS`s realy listens to players. There are always some events and very important - interesting events. There are rewards for any player that participate without any effort.

And the game... Like reading Hobbit. That`s fantasy RPG that I always wanted to play. Fast leveling but if you know how to play. Great equipment but if u you know how to use it. Intersting shopping and crafting.

You can solo through the game or you can enjoy parties with great comarades. And the best of all - IT`S FREE !!! You can pay and make game to flourish but I havent payed a single sent and I`m lvl 88 with no trouble.

I just hope my wife will understand my passion for the game.

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