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Default Re: Post your HDTV displays here

So... nobody knows what will happen if I attempt to playback an HD movie (BD or HD-DVD) on an SD tv? Will it downscale the movie?

I am asking cause the tv in our living is an SD (37" Sony WEGA... er, I think it's 37"), and my monitor only supports 1680x1050. Our ancient 5-disc DVD/surround reciever is slowing starting to not play perfectly good DVDs, and a lens cleaning and disc cleansing accomplishes nothing... so I'm wanting to get a new BD/HD-DVD/DVD/Surround Reciever for the living room, but don't really want to buy a new TV yet. I have a BD/HD-DVD drive for my computer, but my monitor doesn't support 1080p. So... I'm wondering, if I were to play an HD movie on my computer that was natively 1080p, will it down scale to whatever resoultion the monitor and TV supports?

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