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Ok, seems to me the week is over, and so is my patience...

Is it my Job to buy a 400,- Euro GFX Card and then, when it doesnt work as it should in this price-class, thinking about what all could be wrong with some combination of (non-exotic) hardware, and even worse, affording this PSU and that MoBo (and so on...),just to find out, whatīs responsible(it is the Card, but more about that later) ?
Thatīs called BETATESTING, isnīt it? But usually, as a Betatester you dont have to pay the whole price and the testing occurs before the Product hit
the market.

Ok, there has always been incompatiblity and there has always been bugs and mistakes in computer business.
The problem for me is you can`t thrust in quality brands any longer.
The first victim in the war for the best computer-hardware seems to be the quality testing.(Surely not only in computer line of business)

ASUS used to be called as the "Mercedes" of the MoBo-Manufactors.
NVIDIA was known to me as a producer of long-time-moneyworth performance Cards.For instance my 3years old Geforce2 GTS, rocksolid ,even nowadays fast and the replacement of the returned FX5900.

But nobody can tell my that it is just a compatibly thing when my ASUS-v9950 in a Asus A7N8X-Mobo does flicker.
I unplugged all unneeded cards and devices, put the Motherboard out of the case on the table and invested in a 465 Watt Power Supply.
Still flickering.
Also dont further assume it is DirectX.
OpenGL does the same.

It was a fault of mine to wait this long for some problem fix from NVIDIA. I had just to much confidence in ASUS/NVIDIA to think it is a non-patchabe thing.

Iīam going to RMA my ASUS v9950 this monday, repeating this till i get a card that works or full money back.
I dont care any longer if this is a Hardware, Software or Compatibly Problem.
I dont want any longer to brood over whats maybe could be the cause for the flickering and i definitely not going to spend any money for a LCD-Screen.

By the way, really thought thereīs a softwareside solution for power-related problems that doesnīt cut down the performance ?

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