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Default WARNING for people win ABIT IN9-32MAX

I got a BFG 280GTX for Christmas and installed it today. Had a bit of a nightmare because the mobo I have (IN9-32MAX) has a capacitor right in the way of card's casing near the back of the mobo. I got the board in, but the card was pushing down on the capacitor causing the mobo to bend horribly!

Everything seemed to be working except the sound card. It turned out that the mobo was so bent that the sound card was no longer making good enough contact with its socket. In the end I moved the graphics card to the second PCIe port and everything is now OK.

I also had to upgrade the BIOS from version 12 to version 15 to stop the sound from stuttering.

All is now ok, but I can not install a 280GTX in PCIe slot #1, meaning no SLI with this mobo

As a matter of interest, the 8800 GTX I replaced had no such issues.
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