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Default Re: Prince of Persia (2008) Official Release Thread

The game was fun, but now that I finished the PS3 version I won't be buying the PC version unless it's under $15 on the PC. I was thinking about buying it with the current Steam sale but I just can't do it for what the game offers. After I was done I had no interest at all to play it again. I looked at some of the trophies I was missing and I just didn't care.

Originally I thought that the no dying thing was a bad thing, but in hindsight it really doesn't matter cause if you save constantly with a save system, or do a back from a checkpoint like system, it is essentially the same thing. So I wouldn't really take points off it's score for it. Though IMO I think the Sands of Time game did it the best. You can die so you see this death animation, which I think is essential to the PoP series, but when you do he is telling a story so he goes "oh wait that's not how it happened, let me tell that again." I thought that was brilliant.

My biggest gripe with this game is the flying minigame. You can invert the y-axis but it's not inverted during the flying parts, that is so retarded. It's like it was put there on purpose so that people who are use to airplane like Y axis controls can spend forever screwing up this little simple mini game and banging their head against the wall. This one also just screams it needs multiple endings, but it looks like there is only one . I do get why the ending is the way it is and it makes sense especially if you talk to each other a lot through the whole game, but come on one ending with this kind of setup is an insult to the player IMO. This should have easily had 3 different endings and all could have ended in a way that would setup a sequel.

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