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Default Help with Vizio Plasma...

My sister has a 50" Vizio Plasma HDTV and she is having a strange problem.

She can get all of the TV channels just fine (she's using bunny ears), but when she wants to playback a movie (VHS or DVD) it only shows up via PIP. I've tried disabling PNP entirely, I've tried using PIP and switching between shows... no matter what movies just wont playback full screen. What happens is if I try to select the input the VCR/DVD player is connected to, the TV reads "No signal". Yet if I switch to PIP and have the PIP input set to the VCR/DVD player, the video plays back fine. It's like, for some strange reason, her A/V inputs are stuck in PIP mode, unable to go full screen. As soon as you try to go full screen, the TV loses the signal. It's wierd.

The TV is about a year and a half old, but I'd imagine that isn't long enough for the TV to start breaking down.

You guys wouldn't have any ideas as to what the solution could be? Is there any way to force the image full screen? Are there known cases of Plasmas acting up like this?

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