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Default Re: Why are 3x GTX 280s lagging in Crysis a 2560x1600?

Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
Well even though it's two years old it's still the prettiest and most demanding game out there. So even three 280GTXs in tri-sli won't run it at that resolution - not even a core i7 would help you there.

You should try the CCC custom crysis config to see if that would make the game playable!
You're wrong, the one with GTX 280's in 3-WAY SLI sure can play at Veryhigh settings in 2560x1600. I don't know what's up with the graph you posted, but according to guru3d witch is a trustable site you get nearly 40 fps on those settings, not 14 lol.

Check it out!

rofl, crysis is one hellova demanding game. I've yet to see a system that can max this game out with full ingame settings (ya, including 16xQAA) I believe you should try different drivers or something else, unfortunately am no expert so don't ask me. I just wanted to prove my point!

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