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Default Re: Help with Vizio Plasma...

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
how did you connect the DVD player? I never heard of that before, I know someone with a Vizio TV.
Okay, she has a VCR/DVD player combo unit. On the back it has a single Video + Audio out (RCA) for both the DVD and VCR. I'm using a standard Red + White + Yellow RCA cable going from that out, to the AV in on her TV. I'm selecting the appropriate input on the TV, but it always shows "No Signal". If I switch to "TV" to flip through channels, and then enable PIP and select the AV as the PIP input, the DVD or VHS movie will show up in the small PIP. But if I try to make the VHS or DVD go full screen, it then goes back to saying "no signal". Wierdest thing ever. She even went out and bought a new VCR/DVD player combo to see if that would solve it... nope- does the same thing. We tried 3 different component cables (one was brand new), still no go.

Is it possible her TV is just borked?
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