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Default Re: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Previews/Reviews!!

Originally Posted by xmichaeluk View Post
and they still haven't come up with a single gpu solution being able to run this game smoothly at maximum detail

Yer Xmas Poem for yer all

Remember games Like Syndicate Wars, DukeNukem and F.E.A.R.

But When Crysis came out, all we did do was Stare.

Awesome graphics, proceed with Caution Beware.

Because when we looked at the PC requirements we just had to grabb several Beers

we bought what Nvidia - Ati put on the market year after year.

But when in Crysis our PCs stuttered so badly I gave it a "head Butt"

And with Single Card solutions on the market the price of my right Nut

It seems Ati Nvidia need a kick up the Old Butt "

Nvidia 295Gtx pls dont Cost 500
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