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Default Re: Help with Vizio Plasma...

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
I still don't understand how this could be defective, TV not allowing to watch DVDs in fullscreen only PiP.

Is there an option in the menu to reset the TV to factory default settings?
There is, and I already tried that. I'm really hoping it's just some obscure setting or what not that I'm over looking, cause she's still making payments on the TV (got it from a local furniture store). And it'd suck if she went and recycled the unit cause she'd still have to pay it off over the next 2 years!

It would, however, be a definite lesson to never purchase from that store again. They're crooked with their business practices. It seems like they encourage shafting customers if it's done in such a way that they can get a profit without getting busted for anything. They'll never get a dime of my money.
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