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Default FSAA not working with 2.4.18-10 and 1.0-3123

I have not been able to get any FSAA to work with RH7.3. __GL_FSAA_MODE has the value I export when I run env. I even have set the environment variable globally in .bashrc, but when I run FlightGear, there is very noticable aliasing. My screen resolution is 1600x1200 and depth 16. I even installed FlightGear under Cygwin on and WinXP partition and confirmed that all antialiasing settings work with FlightGear under WinXP and the latest Nvidia driver.

I thought I might have created the problem by editing and recompiling joydev.c, but since I had saved the original joydev.o, even with the original joydev.o back (and with 2.4.18-5 which matches the original joydev.o), there is no affect of exporting __GL_FSAA_MODE= 1 or 2 or 4 or 5.

This evening, I removed Nvidia_GLX and NVIDIA_kernel and replaced XF86Config with the "nv" version, rebooted and ran RedHat up2date to update to 2.4.18-10. No errors. Edited lilo.conf and ran lilo, and rebooted into 2.4.18-10 and reinstalled the kernel rpm from the source rpm and installed the GLX rpm. Everything worked, but still no FSAA! Yes this is with either 1.0-2960 or 1.0-3123.

My system is an AMD Athlon XP 1800+ in an ASUS A7M266 motherboard with 512MB of PC2100 and a Seagate Baracuda IV 80G HDD. The card is a GF3 (ASUS V8200 Deluxe). FSAA used to work with RH7.2 with __GL_FSAA_MODE set to 1 or 2 and older drivers (1.0-1541 I think) on this system. It would lock up with value 4 or 5.

How can I find what the problem is? I am no newbie, but I have no way to check if the drivers even are accessing the environment variables. I hate closed source drivers!!

Will somone from NVIDIA please respond! This is my 3rd post of this problem.
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