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Default Re: Prince of Persia (2008) Official Release Thread

Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
Ok played through 6 levels and collected all the light seeds(except for the ones I need powers to reach), but it seems like the collecting part takes four times as long as the level itself. Wish it were the other way around... :-/ Hate having to collect things - especially if it's all for nothing(would have been cool to be able to upgrade your sword/stats/combos after collecting say 100 seeds). But no...
Why are you doing it then if you hate it? Only reason on PC to collect them all is for the prince skin unlock. You only need about half of all the seeds to get the power plates powers. And you get most of them going from one place to another, I only had to do a little back searching for the 3rd and 4th power plate,

Btw I'm running this maxed with 8aa 1280x1024 (amd 5600+, 4gb ddr 2 800, hd 2900xt 512) Not new hardware, game runs like lightning.
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