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Originally posted by SeppSchrot
IŽam going to RMA my ASUS v9950 this Monday, repeating this till I get a card that works or full money back.
I would suggest you get a different video card.. perhaps an ATI. When I RMAed my card back I had to give them 80bucks so they could restock the card and sell it to the next sucker I mean... someone that has a 5900FX flicker free compatible system.

If I were you I RMA for refund then hold out. Wait till the beta testers (everyone with a flickering card) and NVIDIA gets done working the bugs out. If they come out with a solution then you might want to give it another shot.

In my mind NVIDIA will always owe me that 80 bucks + my time for trying to fix something that wasn't on my side. It's sad that in a race to the top both card companies are dropping pieces and customers along the way. If you screw one person you might be screwing yourself even more. I can't recommend the 5900FX card to my friends without saying I had a flickering problem and there is a possibility you might have it as well. Then they will have to decide if it's worth betting $80 bucks on.
Originally posted by Morrow
How many times does one have to repeat it: There's nothing wrong with the cards!
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