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Default bug report: drivers after 173 kills full-screen Flash performance for the 8200

Been trying the 177.80 (and 82) and then dabbled with the 180.x drivers (but they were severely unstable for me), trying to get decent performance for full-screen flash at sites such as


Both of these work flawlessly on the same hardware under Windows (an Acer X1200 with 8200 IGP)

Using Ubuntu Intrepid, which installs 177.80 as the recommended driver, performance was single-digit fps at best (usually it just locked up and all but died within 5-10 seconds at full-screen). No measurable improvement seen with 180.

On a suggestion I rolled back to the alternate driver provided by Intrepid, to 173.14.12 and performance is now the full 24(30?) fps or very very close.. magnitudes better than with 177 or 180.

And alas using 173 isn't really a fix for me, b/c I no longer get any audio out HDMI... I seem to need 177.80 for that (and I need 177.82 if I want 5.1 sound, 177.80 doesn't seem to give it).. so maybe that is the clue.. something in the sound processing for 177 broke the video side.

Bug report attached.

EDIT: I have also tried 180.18.. it didn't produce any measurable improvement. Again, 173 is the last driver I find that gives good full-screen flash.. so we know the chip can do it.. just not with the newer drivers. The driver is the only thing I am changing to produce results that show a magnitude of performance loss.
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