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Default Re: How do I cancel that kind of driver installation that asks for disks on reboot?

Originally Posted by Wolfhound View Post
Have you uninstalled the drivers before removing the card? can you tell me what card it was (brand, model..etc) to search and give you the registry keys to delete.

The drivers were never installed. I never had the files on that CD that the sucker is asking for. I normally use these controllers under FreeBSD and Linux. When I dual-booted into Windoze it picked them up and started wining about wanting the CD. It never stopped.

Here are the controllers and their PCI ID:

05:06.0 Mass storage controller: HighPoint Technologies, Inc. HPT366/368/370/370A/372/372N (rev 03)

05:07.0 Mass storage controller: Promise Technology, Inc. 20269 (rev 02)

I don't want to reinstall this thing. I know for fact that this stuff is cancelable, because I did it before, I just forgot how. (as I said, it is not a new autostart application for each driver, it's hidden somewhere in some config file for some standard windows startup procedure)

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