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Default Re: Low 280 3DMark score on i7?

Originally Posted by Scaramonga View Post
Ok, just built my new i7 system, specs in Sig, and ran 3DMark 06 for first time on my GTX280.

Score = 14444 <------WTF???

The card is not clocked yet, and neither is the system, but I feel thats way too low? My other system, specs in Sig also, gets 13183 on an 8800GTS.

Somethings wrong?

Card is watercooled and running on Vista x64 with 180.48 driver set.

Any ideas peeps?

Dude Core i7 is not a Gaming CPU!

Games are not even Optimized for quad core properly not to mention i7.

infact i7 Performs worse in Crysis than a Core 2 E8400

that score is about Right.

Just Over clock and you get better score.
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