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Originally Posted by aimlessnub View Post
six_storm thanks for your comment very helpful , i read everything on your thread "building another htpc" and learned a lot about it. I really like your idea on putting emulators! hopefully once i get my stuff ill try to do that. Im trying to keep the budget around $1000. I have directv but its the basic package, i thought i could record tvshows and view hd channels through a tvtuner, can you enlighten me more about this subject?
Im still thinking about 32bit or 64bit os, but im swaying more towards the 64bit cuz i been reading that its better for bluray playback, dont know if im wrong. Im going to take your advice on the hdd and get a 80gb for the os (does it have to be raptor or raid or some thing like that). Since im trying to keep the budget around 1k im not sure if i will purchase the gpu you recommended me, also im not a hardcore gamer.

would this memory fit in my motherboard?

thanks again for the help, i really appreciate it
Not sure about Blu-ray playback, I haven't dove into that pool yet.

As for recording TV, the last I tried with Comcast, the signal is encrypted and the cable box decrypts the signal. But I haven't tried anything with DirecTV.

Just get a basic, cheap 80GB SATA hard drive to hold your operating system and basic programs on, then a 1TB HDD for music, movies, games, etc.
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