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Default Re: Antivirus Experts needed!

Actually I've been on the fence with NOD for the past few months. It was giving us grief earlier this year with domain logins. We figured that one out but just earlier today someone was getting a lot of pop-ups due to some DLL files registering themselves into IE. NOD didn't seem to pick up any of the files so I had to manually boot another OS just to delete the files because they were locked. Not 100% sure if I killed all of problem yet but none of the .exe's or .dll's that I pulled from that box seem to trigger NOD. It was still getting updates (Ver 3724 dated 12/30/08) so at least that part works.

I might have to try a test virus to see if the client is actually still working or not.

The funny thing is that antivirus and antispyware are two important pieces of software, and yet I've yet to find a solution that has really worked well. They all seem to have problems in some form or another.
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