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Default Re: Poor performance for full-screen flash, geForce 8200

Originally Posted by pataphysician View Post
I have a 8300 on my motherboard and am using Intrepid. I have found the 173 drivers work fine with youtube, but it has some problems with twinview where your limited in the size of the CRT display, to a size less than the DFP, and some very occasional minor display muckups in firefox when scrolling.

The performance was horrible with the 177 driver and 180 driver with youtube, but some other flash video was ok. The 177 driver solved my twinview and minor muckups with scrolling.

The difference was with 173 driver and youtube video, it used both processors about 40-60 percent whereas with 177 or 180 series, youtube would only use one processor at 100% and switch between the two processors every 30 seconds, so 100% on one processor 1 12%(mostly system stuff) on processor 2, then it would switch to 100% processor 2 12% processor 1, with a major sputter during the switch, I would assume it is this behaviour that is the problem.

I did use some other flash video from msnbc that was fine and balanced on both processors, So wondering if it is a Flash 10, Nvidia driver, youtube implementation of flash video combination problem.
Well I tried the 173.14.15 driver and I'm happy to report that 2d performance is much more like what I would expect! Also, flash videos are working just fine now! Unfortunately, scrolling in firefox while running compiz produces some display oddities for me. So, I'm lef t with a few choices:

1. 180.x series drivers = HDMI + Compiz + VDPAU - crappy flash performance - crappy 2d performance (no metacity)
2. 177.x series drivers = HDMI(I think) + Compiz - crappy flash performance - crappy 2d performance (no metacity)
3. 173.x series drivers = Compiz (with firefox issue) + tolerable flash performance + tolerable 2d performance - No HDMI

For me, I will be sticking with the 173.x series along with metacity. I'm not using HDMI yet, and I need this system for productivity, not eye candy. Within a month or two, this system will become a MythTV frontend, so there better be working drivers (HDMI + VDPAU) by that point. For now, I'm just happy that I can actually use the system to some degree!
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