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Default Re: Poor performance for full-screen flash, geForce 8200

pcjason, I'm glad my info helped you out, I was using 173 as my choice, because of the better flash speed, but for me dual screens is important and with 173, while I got it to work with twinview after much trial and error, but only with my CRT at 1027 x 768, which I just can't handle anymore, so I went to 177. I don't do youtube videos that much, some other flash videos seem to work fine or at least better. Also I usually run a seamless virtualbox KDE distro on my box, and if I run firefox on there, youtube works better, and good enough for my limited usage.

Also if anybody uses 173 with twinview and compiz, there is a problems where it doesn't draw any of your icons or folder on your desktop, this wasn't a problem for me because I don't really use them anyway.
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