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Default GF8200 / Poor 2D performance / ETA of fix?


I just bought a new board (Asrock K10N78FullHD) with GF 8200 chipset to watch HDTV via VDPAU. The board replaced my old GF 7050 based one (Asrock Alive NF7G) and when the system booted up I was really shocked. I never thought that 2D could be *that* *slow*. After reading in this forum I found out that this is a known problem and lots of people have it. Too bad it was not mentioned in the threads regarding VDPAU. But one question was either never asked or answered: when will there be a fix for this? I read something about "later in the 177 series" but that answer is almost 6 month old. And somewhere it was mentioned that the performance enhancements are enabled in the later 180.xx drivers but the current one (180.18) does not fix the problem for me.

So Nvidia. What's the plan about fixing this? Are there any estimates yet or will the answer be the Duke Nukem one? Because then this board will go back to the dealer for sure and I will buy an AMD based one.

The bugreport is attached.

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