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Default Re: bug report: drivers after 173 kills full-screen Flash performance for the 8200


I also installed the ubuntu package (nvidia-glx-173) but only got the mentioned error.

My board is an ABIT AN78GS, CPU is a Athlon X2 5600 in standard configuration (no overclocking or other "tweaks").

With some of the 177.x versions, I got a very poor bitmap performance (not limited to flash video, for example I could see how the background image for the login manager was copied into video memory from top to bottom). Posted here but got no really helpful replies.

So due to the very bad performance and the segfault with 173.x my only option is going back to the VESA driver. I'm about to buy an ATI card and disable the onboard NVIDIA crap.

This is great Linux support.

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