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Default Re: ATTN: Flavius and those with flickering problems

Originally posted by dragonthc
give me specs of your system including power supply and case.

take some pictures of your pc. inside, and out and the backplane.
also take some pictures or describe it's location including any devices around your computer.

tell me the placement of the monitor in regards to the computer. placement of any flourescent lights. Placement of any radio, stereo, or amplifier devices. Placement of power cords and UPS battery backup devices.

I'll find the cause of your flickering problem and help you solve it.

or, you can be negative and just complain about Nvidia. Be part of the solution.
The only thing you have to lose by complying with my requests, is the flickering problem.

regardless of how many options you've exhausted, these can only help.
My monitor is 5 ft from the case. My Speakers are nowhere near my monitor as I use headphones most of the time. The closest power outlet in my room is 8 ft away from the entire system. the Closest light it 10 ft away from it all. We have been trying to solve this with a number of hardware variations. I have supplied 12 hardware variations and a few others have done the same. I tried out flat on a table and in a Full Tower Case which has plenty of room in it and nothing more then the motherboard, cpu, ram, HD, CD-Rom and video card on an antec 600W TruePower/Controle.

If this was the answer nvidia would have told us that by now or made a statement of some kind. Do yourself a favor and stop posting nonsence posts as your just causing a flame war and making yourself look foolish to boot. EMI can be simply detected with use of a DigitalMeter to judge this as it would get a reading without even touching anything with the sensor tips or a simple grounding test using the DigitalMeter.
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