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Default Re: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Previews/Reviews!!

Originally Posted by xmichaeluk View Post
I was seriously considering upgrading to 295gtx for some time but then I said to myself, hold on one second. Right now, I have one of the most powerful single gpu's out there and wanna swap it for something nearly twice as much expensive? something that will give me a performance boost which I won't even notice in current titles? Why will I not notice? Because in games like far cry 2 or call of duty w@w I am getting way over 50fps with all settings max and some AA. Hell no, I am not going to give nvidia another 400 only to play ONE GAME smoothly (you know what it's called) I'd rather get second velociraptor and run it in raid. I guess my overclocked 280 gtx will last me another 6 months or more.

But that's just my opinion, you have every right to disagree with it.
Exactly! And thanks xmichaeluk for nailing all the sentiments I had building up while reading this thread.

Where's the GTX285 version of this thread?

I've got untill January 26th '09 for my BFG GTX280 Trade-Up. I'm going to beat the date I think.

But not for the GTX295; I want the GTX285. Less power and 10% better.

After my 9800X2 experience (sent it back after 48 hrs. for a GTX280) I will never, ever, go for a sandwiched Video Card or Dual GPU Card.
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