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Default Re: Would my PSU handle at 280GTX?

Originally Posted by DeusGear View Post
Probably no problem. I ran a gtx280 and running an hd4870x2 with the rest of my specs on a 620hx.
620hx Rules with a GTX280!

I have a 620hx Power Supply(Maximum Power 620W) and can run a GTX280, five HDDs, one Dual TV Card, and one DVD-Recorder and the results of doing so are not getting one single BSOD. I can record two TV shows and at the same time play Crysis, or FEAR, or BF2, or Fallout 3, or FC2, etc... with XFire and Vent and Intranet Browser for work (I'm alt+Tabbing constantly). Nothing stops this rig and only a 620W PSU.

But I wouldn't risk trying anything else power supply wise, that is 650W or less. The 620hx's reputation is as good as it gets for a single video card rig. Plus, as a result of its smaller architecture the GTX285 will require less power than it's predecessor (GTX280) while still performing 10% better. w00t!

My 3.0GHz Wolfdale (Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz CPU) is only at 3.7GHz to 3.75GHz and not 4.0GHz, for the purpose of being able to go in and out of sleep mode with Vista anytime I want. But now that I think of it; that was with my 8800GTX. So maybe I can go beyond 3.7GHz on Wolfdale and have no probs with sleep mode with my GTX280. But I mite as well play it safe.

Note: In order to aid in the validation of having only a 620W PSU, and if it was powerful enough for my brand new BFG GTX280 Video Card; when I first got the GTX280 I did not OC the my Wolfdale for the first 50 days. And now for the past 50 days with the CPU @ 3.7GHz, my PC still rocks and NO, NONE, NOTTA single BSOD whatsoever.

This configuration ROCKS! And with only a $79 MOBO mind u. Spend ur money on the best PSU and not on a MOBO with features u get for future proofing sake and never end up using anyway.

*620hx Rules! *620hx Rules! *620hx Rules!
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