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well things arent as smooth cos imm STILL gettin this LOCKUP,S coming outa CRYSIS im outa of ideas here now maybe the bfg isnt compatible with the expertvision card i dono..
anyone with with a similar prob can shed some light on this??.


intel quad core 9450 @3 gig
xfx 780i (po8 bios)
bfg o\c2 280 gtx core clock 650mhz memory data 2326mhz shader clock 1404(top slot)
xpertvision 280 gtx core clock 602mhz memory data 1107 shader clock 1296
hitachi 400 gig sata
samsung 400 gig sata
samsung dvdr
hp cd writer
3 gig crucail ballistix
coolermaster stacker nvidia edition case(3 noctuas on the side door one on the top of the case)
saitek eclipse keyboard
razpr copperhead mouse
thermaltake 1500 watt psu.

plz some of yur gurus with sli give me yur ideas if any .....

its just not crysis now which i uninstalled its call of duty 4 and oblivion now this is happing ..come on ppl i value yur opinionson this plz...

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