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Default Soft freeze with nvidia 9500 GS and driver 180.18

Hi to everyone,
since I've bought a new computer which has an integrated GeForce 9500 GS I'm experiencing random lookup problems.
I use Fedora 10 x86_64 and nvidia drivers have been installed using the .run installer.
Apparently without a reason during normal computer usage mouse pointer freezes.
Computer does still work, as I'm able to switch the application using alt-tab and I'm able to type commands in terminals. If I try to switch to a VT console the display gets completely frozen.
I'm still able to ssh inside my PC from another box. If I kill the X-Server I can verify with ps that that process has been really killed but nothing changes on the display.
I followed the instructions reported in sticky posts before submitting this nvidia-bug-report.log in particular:

- I used the pci=nommconf option from my kernel boot line
- I checked that my mother board bios is updated
- I removed vga=0x318 option from my kernel boot line

The nvidia-bug-report.log that I'm sending has been taken when the mouse disappeared but before trying to switch to a virtual console.
Please also notice that pci=nommconf is not present in the kernel boot line and vga=0x318 is present as I verified that the behaviour doesn't change with any combination of these settings.
The problem is very annoying before when this thing happens I don't have any other option than rebooting with 'shutdown -r now'.

Thanks in advance for your help.

P.S. Happy New Year to everybody
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