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Originally posted by fivefeet8
Seems to me that owners of the BFG Geforcefx5900's are not experiencing these issues or less of us are. The one I own hasn't flickered or made noises when moving the mouse wheel at all.

I've tested it on DVI/Analog on my Viewsonic Vx800 18" display as well as my old 19" CRT on analog. Both have no flicker. I've been playing many games and there is no flickering to be seen.
If you read the review on this site of the BFG Ultra card you can see on page 2 that he states BFG added extra capacitors on the end of the card contrary to the Nvidia reference card. He shows pictures of each.

This is probably why the BFG cards don't have the flicker problem. The "True lifetime warranty" is one of the main reasons I chose BFG.
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