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Default Re: Support for 8200m

Originally Posted by SaintMantooth View Post
When I tried installing the driver 173.14.12, the install utility said it detected that driver was already installed(173.14.12). So it's saying the 173.14.12 is the driver I already have installed, however, the NVidia X Server settings utility and Sysinfo both tell me I'm using 177.80.

Any thoughts on why this is happening?

EDIT: It was because I had 177.80 enabled in the restricted hardware manager. I removed that driver and installed 173.14.12 and it seems to working much better, as far as viewing videos and scrolling goes. Enabling desktop effects and emerald creates blank white lines across the screen when I scroll, which makes pictures and text really choppy. So I guess I have to stick with the onboard themes that Ubuntu offers that are oh-so-pretty.
I also found a benefit (at least under 177, before I downgraded to 173) to set the Prefs-Appearance->Effects (or something like that) to None.. using 177, that got my YouTube flash up from miserable to decent, but it was not enough to enable hulu HD, nor the Comedy Central shows (via Flash). I had to go to 173 to get those to work.
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