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Default Re: Support for 8200m

Originally Posted by zim2dive View Post
I also found a benefit (at least under 177, before I downgraded to 173) to set the Prefs-Appearance->Effects (or something like that) to None.. using 177, that got my YouTube flash up from miserable to decent, but it was not enough to enable hulu HD, nor the Comedy Central shows (via Flash). I had to go to 173 to get those to work.
That's actually how I had it running under 177.80, with no desktop effects. And the video playback was still awful. Most of the time, I would be lucky to get 30 seconds into the video before Firefox would stop responding. Switching to 173 fixed that problem, but I still can't enable desktop effects without something going screwey. Why is the 8200m G getting the short end of the stick here?
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